Crypto currency rocks! YES..... we accept BITCOIN

What??? you don't know what bitcoin is!!! - here we go darlings - what is bitcoin

It's like gold only better - It's rare and valuable AND YOU CAN SEND AND USE IT ON THE INTERWEB.

Iliminating the need for the current banking system and the control of the 1%.

Read and remember this darlings.... to your kids, bitcoin will be the norm. AND THE BEST PART IS.............. - you can buy #deathbycoffee with it. hehehehe

It is extra awesome that mamma coffees brother is known as Mr Blockchain, (owner of banky moon) - breaking ground accross the globe for cryptocurrency. He's one of those forward thinking adventurous sorts - seeing the future and suchlike - hehehe - no really. Here he is his talk at the African FinTech Awards

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We courier to your door for R80 (under 2 kg) 

with love and excitement

Mamma Coffee (alias, Rushka)