Let's brew some coffee bru 


It's time that this crew brewed some coffee - p.s. it's alive when its fresh




Daddy Coffee - Justin Johnson - The best Roaster and dad in the WORLD - Owner of  a mechanical design  and simulation company, who thinks that it's high time he learns the art of coffee roasting. Spending more of his days enjoying the good things in life - likes to remain silent and makes things happen behind the scenes

Mamma Coffee (Rushka Johnson) - Loves plants, being a mom, serving up delicious coffee, seeds and coffffffeeeeeee - also a Zumba fitness instructor in her spare time, art and ballroom dance teacher.

Breeze - The artist who adorned our label , film maker, wild and peaceful energy maker (I know, weird hay?) and a superhero

Ruth - also know as “Never trust a skinny cook” - the creator of the stunning pastries that fill our space, classica pianist and philosopher in the making, (She is also the one making passionate arm movements and yelling things out in french or latin every now and then)

Boychild - Also known to some as, Jo - builder, inventor, budding roaster, motorbike rider (and crasher), animal whisperer and the one called upon in a crisis requiring muscle.