Gosh! This, we love love - Launched on the saturday and it went like hot cakes (well frozen cakes to be exact) - Can'e believe how much people love love this Iced coffee.

We also used our friends and family and unsuspecting visiters as guinea pigs.

We had a fat jol testing this one out... Eish, our lounge was covered in bouncing children, bottles, cream, sticky honey and coffee all over the place... Once we had found the perfect balance we were good to go. 

People are buying it in 6 packs nogal.. We dont skimp on ingredients - best of everything and using all local stuff. Honey from one of my neighbours down the road, milk from local dairies (grass fed without hormones etc) - CREEEEAMMYYYYY and our freshly roasted brew expressed from our beast.

Being in the house of coffee we still restrict coffee drinking and remind eachother to always RESPECT THE BEAN - remembering that it IS a stimulant.

Boychild and preteen only have twice a week before 12am and Teen before 12 (she enjoys a good cup but not too often) - mamma and daddy coffee - have bumped up to 2 a day!! sometimes when we are bing extravagant we have 3 !!