Finding the perfect branding - it helps to have a teen who is an artist

One must always have a teen who is an artist. Infact the more children and family members with collective and diverse talents and skills the better.

Yes the art was done by our 17 year old who hit the nail on the head with the images. We love them to bits. (Had to tone her down a bit because at some point she wanted to make scary skeletons, too scary, so scary that the thought of drinking from a bag with an image of them on would be ............ scary) HAHAHAA

Finding the font was fun and asking our friends on social media to chip in with wording and ideas for "their" coffee, even better.

So yesterday we printed the stickers with different colours and sizes


Stuck them on (Neil's words playing around in my head, "Stickers must be perfectly straight", don't take out your rulers people, please, (We'll make sure that Neil gets the straightest one, hehe) and played around with our bag sealing machine. Our 10 year old has that part organized. 


Look and smell delicious. What do you think? 



As soon as we have our coffee blended and roasted to perfection.. we are good to go.

Have some absolutely delicious ones ready and waiting. Tested some on friends who said that they had died and gone to heaven. Very fitting for Death By Coffee. 

Whoop !

yours in the love of coffee and supporting local pesticide free farms