Momma coffees first solo roast

Yesterday was my first solo roast !!!!!

momma coffee.jpg

 I went very slowly and carefully (for those who know me they will understand that this is not a usual state of being for me). I EVEN HAD NOTES - don't laugh ! after the first few times I chucked them.

Wasting any of those precious beans is not something I want to do. While practicing we did go through a few which is heartbreaking. Not only because it costs a fortune but also because the amount of time that it must have taken to pick and sort every single bean, to just be wasted in 20 minutes, makes me cringe.

Besides pushing abort by accident while setting put , Lights flashing and me fluttering around like a chicken without a head with no idea how to fix (I managed in the end hehehe, daddy coffee would shake his head at laugh at me doing such a silly thing), AND besides the release nozzle at the bottom of the cooling tray being open when the beans came out of the roasting drum !! (yes we lost a few to the floor, I have been blessed with lightning reflexes thankgoodness so not too many). BESIDES all of that - It went well and I am walking with a strut today.

I followed daddy coffees roast profile because our previous beans were so yum, why change. I will start playing though soon soon. Lots to learn with this.

Can you smell these from there?

Can you smell these from there?

Packing, grinding, bagging was done last night with my reliable teen who is so wonderful to work with. She slots in wherever she is needed, works carefully and efficiently. I struggle with delegating but she has learnt how to get me to let go and I can take a breath with her around because when she does stuff she does it properly. If there is something that she is still learning and I redo she doesn't take it personally which is another wonderful and relaxing part of her personality. 

Nice big order of Freshly roasted loveliness to be sent out this morning. Those who will be receiving the next few batches just know that they are special. you will be drinking Momma coffees first solo roast.

This box is for you Joburg @ the  organic emporium

This box is for you Joburg @ the organic emporium

Goodluck and - "I promise not to hide the body' 

yours in ethically farmed freshly roasted deliciousness