Death by Coffee at the Postively Empowered event

What an honor to be at this wonderful event.


Mamma coffee did a talk on the roastery and why it is important to care where your coffee comes from - 

video of my talk here -



Because it was a womans empowerement event it was fitting that our girl team could be there in full force.


We made cuppaccinos so that everyone could have a taste (If we werent experts at doing this before, we certainly were by the end of the day! ePreteen and mamma on cuppaccino duty - (yes we moved fast) and preteen selling coffee bags and washing up with a beautiful new addition to our team for the day.


The event was very inspiring - We met beautiful exciting people, listened to great talks - EVEN SAW Tanya Wyatt and her stunning ballet pole dancing! wowsers - this woman!!! 

I was interviewed by the Television crew (will post up when thats on) - very exciting.

The organizer - Sharon Tait Jessop - Is running all the way to Cape Town to catch attention and awareness for the organizations that she supports - Your Health in Your Hands - 


Nique Cloete sang and MC'd (She is so beautiful and funny - left me smiling all day)


All in all - we were very a happy to share the day with that lot. AND I EVEN MANAGED to do what my mission in life is to always do - Raise awareness for our environment and help our people to see how important it is.

Did I mention that the food was healthy, wholesome and delicious? Yes that is homemade chocolate with coconut oil. (I tried to restle the secret recipe out of the fantastic chef/Caterer but her lips were sealed) 


yours in the love of ethically sourced and grown deliciousness

Rushka Mamma Coffee