Finally we are open to the public - Roastery and tiny coffee shop

After much deliberation, hands on planning, imagining, creating. WE DID IT!! In the very first home that we bought as a family 17 years ago!

Its sweet and old and beautiful and sentimental and we just couldn’t bare to sell it. So we kept it and now, its our roastery. AND YES mamma knocked the wall down with her LANDY and YES we all worked our selves to bits to make it happen. Thanks to those who chipped in.

Open for all of you to come and smell the sweet rich nutty smell of freshly roasted coffee, be served by us and snuggle up and enjoy with us.

BEST is that we still get to be together as a family. Mamma Coffee, Breeze, Ruth (alias, Never trust a skinny cook), and boychild.

And this is what it looks like NOW