Cold brew experiment time

So daddy tells preteen that there is such a thing as cold brew coffee. Yes, brainstorming a zillion different ways to use and drink coffee is most exciting and a hot topic at home at the moment.

He proceeds to describe the method used. Slow drip over 24 hours bllaaa dee blaa.. 

I leave these two chatting, only to return to find the kitchen table and light fitting turned into an experimental cold brew coffee contraption. 

A bottle, filled with water, tied to the light with some wool, dripping all over the table, (a small fraction met its target, which was noted because of the applause and festive sounds).

Through a filter filter cup balancing precariously on a glass bottle.

 With much practice and placing and water, she managed to create her cold brew. I just left her because it looked as though she was having too much fun, all the while thinking, honestly, what difference does drip filtering make!

Today we tried some and were pleasantly surprised. It's actually quite yum. (More research and playing with this method, added to the long list)

Cold brew - yip - Something to consider making for people to try. Tying it with wool to the light fittings and skidding on water all over the kitchen will NOT be the way that we do it in the future. (We'll use the bird bath instead) - hehe

yours in messing with and loving coffee