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Officially launched In July 2016 - Follow us as we grow and enjoy the process of creating the perfect blend and roast, sourcing ethically farmed beans from our Africa. 

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Organically grown and ethically sourced coffee beans roasted and packaged with love


Family run business from our organic veg farm - fresh is best - (yes we are planting our favourite beans and hoping that they'll grow) but for now sourcing organic beans and beans that are grown on sustainable and healthy happy farms where the farmers are paid a good price for their precious harvest.

Wake me up before I go go
— Talitha

Beans and ground coffee to die for out soon - be patient coffee lovers - Death by coffee is worth the wait

Life is short, vigour to the bitter end
— Joshua Jacobs
Without coffee, all the water in the world would just be..... water
— Joshua Jacobs
To arise like the Gods after the first sip is Death by Coffee
— Billy Thayer
Just because
— someone